Ultimele noutati

“Implicarea este cheia implementării schimbării și a creșterii devotamentului” Stephen Covey


I learned a lot from the "Submit A Book" project, as I did from all the SET activities. I learned what it truly means to be a member of the community and not to be a passive citizen always waiting for somebody else to make a change. I defined myself, and I learned about others. It was mutual. I learned about them through myself and about myself through them. I learned more about giving feedback, and I had an amazing time, there were activities that I didn’t think I would ever have the possibility to attend. I met people of different nationalities; I visited them and got to really know them. It was surreal.

20 Dec 2013 Maria T. (Neamț)

I made new acquaintances and took part in activities in which I hadn’t had the opportunity to participate until now. Such activities are very important, because they help us grow as people and as young Europeans.

20 Dec 2013 Ioana M. (Neamț)